How to Make Money by Writing Articles

Readers will the learn how to make money and extra income by writing articles and promoting them.

Why I am here and why I am writing? The answer to this question is so simple, of course to make money. Years ago, I was thinking it impossible to make a huge amount of income by writing. But the passing years taught me that I was not right. I was really at fault when I underestimated the power of my fingers and my mind.

I took a big journey in the word of worlds and met new ones in years. In the earlier stages of my work, words were just a way to jump from one life to another. Every word I wrote is like a world where I was born in.  As if I was playing different roles in a scenery of mysterious letters. As soon as I met new people and make new friends, I felt more comfortable and powerful. In time, I saw that each word returned me pennies and dollars.

Most of you probably ponder on what I do to make a great income. No hurry. I will divulge all my experience as a combination of rules.

Rule 1: Choose your program to write for.

You should always write for honest programs. To my experience and observations, there are several sites really trusted. By name, Triond, Factoidz, Helium, Associated Content, E-how, Hubpages and Bukisa are great.

Rule 2: Choose the best rating sites.

The payment rates for unique article is important factor while selecting you site. Triond is good but for more qualified writers. Factoidz is best. Bukisa is also good rates as much as $3.50 for each 1000 clicks.

Rule 3: Write as much as possible

The more you write, the more money you make. The simple rule of nature.

Rule 4: Be descriptive and choose a good title

You should always be descriptive and clear in your articles. Giving examples and quotes make your articles understandable, readable and elite. Titles are the critical points of articles because the reader first contacts with title. Good title makes your work popular in the field of competition.

Rule 5: Use as much words as possible

Good readers look for different words and styles. For the reader, every writer has a unique style. Words are always there, but writers align and combine them in completely different ways. This determines the style.

Rule 6: Use proper punctuation

Punctuation is crucial in determining the quality of an essay or article. Improper punctuation causes misunderstandings of content. It perplexes the readers' mind.

Rule 7: Insert related images into your content

Gorgeous photos or slides inserted into the content make it eye catching and intriguing.

Now, we have content in our hands and it is ready to be published. We completed the first stage of freelance writing job. The second stage is as much impossible as the first stage. Without promoting, our work is nothing. There are many ways of promoting but the most popular ones are social book marking and social networking sites. Stumbleupon, Digg, Mixx, Reddit and Propeller are enough to promote your work. Of course you are free to add your link to many others. Stumbleupon and Digg give much more traffic to your link if stumblers and diggers approve that it is well qualified. If your link is somehow moved to the frontpage of Digg, this will in turn give you back thousands of clicks and perhaps hundreds of dollars.

Facebook, Myspace, Friendfeed and Twitter are favorable social networking sites. Via these, you may make a great traffic. This totally depends on popularity of you in these services and the number of your followers. A quality article may give you thousands of clicks at the end of the day.

Forums, search engines and directories are other traffic sources. However, they are not as popular and powerful as networking and book marking sites.

In a nutshell, it is not difficult to make money by simply writing but also not easy either. Making money requires effort, discipline and devotion.


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