Creative Writing: 7 Ideas to Keep the Juice of Ideas Flowing

Have you encountered a mental block in the course of writing a unique, creative article that can inspire, intrigue, or strike curiosity to your readers? No matter what you do, do you face a blank wall? How can you squeeze out those creative ideas in your head? Here are 7 tips that will keep your juice of creative ideas flowing.

One of the challenges faced by online writers is how to get the juice out of their brains flowing to come up with unique ideas that make up good creative writing that attracts a lot of readers.

What is creative writing by the way? Creative writing is just that kind of writing that is original. Most definitions refer to creative writing as something that is imaginary or a body of literature that is largely fiction work. But as the word "creative" connotes, creative writing is writing something that no one has laid his eyes into, something unique, something that inspires, or something that no one has ever thought of. And it takes a great deal of imagination, experience and technique to arrive to such kind of writing.

So how can one engaged in creative writing get that juice of ideas flowing in his or her brain? Here are some unique techniques that can squeeze out the creativity in you.

1. Pretend you are someone else. Think like the person you are well familiar with. How does that person deal with things? Is he a pessimist or an optimist? You will then have to make some effort in trying to think like he does and it will reflect on your own writing.

2. Talk with strangers. Talking with people you don't know about things that they like or think about will provide you a different perspective on life. You can then write about their worldview instead of your own.

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3. Explore your surroundings especially places where you have not been before. There may be things that you do not know in places where you have not been before. Life in the city is quite different from life in the rural areas. Describe what is in the rural areas if you live in the city and describe what is in the city if you live in the rural areas.

4. Read books that you do not like. You usually have your own biases and tend to limit your interests on those things that you like. See what other people like to read and get some insights that are uniquely yours. If you are fond of non-fiction books, getting some ideas on fiction books can influence your writing style.

5. Use a mind map. Just list a single word and from their connect other words that are related. Make a web of all the words and find one word or group of words that appeal to you then write about it.

6. Adopt different age perspectives. Imagine you are a child of eight, a teenager, or a senior person who has lots of experiences. Write at these age ranges. You will be surprised that you can vary your writing style just by shifting your age perspective.

7. Inquire about people, places, and events. Ask, ask and keep on asking about anything. This is the secret to discovery. Almost always, you get answers for your questions. Answers that you may never expect.

Apply these tips and your ideas will flow like the ocean. Have a notebook and pen by your side and list everything that comes to mind lest those precious creative juices escape and never get your way again.


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